I don’t know how you can’t not be excited about this news. Right now James Gunn, the writer and codirector of Tromeo and Juliet, is in talks to direct Guardians of the Galaxy at Marvel. There’s something infinitely reassuring about that.

I’m loathe to admit that I haven’t gotten around to watching Super yet, but Slither is one of those throwbacks to 80s cheese that manages to rise above the very works it’s homaging. Gunn’s real skill is with tone, and it’s what makes him the right guy for something like Guardians – a film that’ll feature a talking, space-faring raccoon as one of its main players. Past work has proven Gunn as a writer and director who manages the light and the heavy with deft balance, his script for Dawn of the Dead ’04 being one of many notable examples.

The very fact that Marvel’s even making Guardians, based on a comic about interstellar warriors protecting the universe, indicates that Marvel has no intentions of playing it safe as they move into Phase 2 of their films. It’s something of a shock that we’re getting a film like this even as Marvel has more notable characters they’ve yet to adapt (Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, fucking Dazzler). This is sure to be a film with a cosmic scope, but it also can’t be played entirely serious. Here’s hoping Marvel and Gunn are able to come to a deal.

Source: THR

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