I was beginning to worry something had gone wrong, considering how quiet the news front had been on Sega’s HD redux of Jet Set Radio after the music issues had been ironed out, but we can all rest easy, now that the company has officially given us a set of release dates and how much of a burning hole in the wallet to look forward to.

The game will be available for download on XBox Live and on PC via Steam on September 19th. Surprisingly, PS3 owners get the sweet side of the deal, since the game will be available for Playstation Plus subscribers on September 11th, but even for non-Plus subscribers, the game will be available a day before your Microsoft-shackled brethren, on September 18th. As for  the fancy touchscreen-enabled Playstation Vita version, it hits a month later on October 16th. Not like Vita owners aren’t used to waiting for things, ANY things, to happen at this point.

The best news is the price: $10, across the board. For $10, not having the game in some form in your house or in your hands should be some sort of capital punishment worthy offense.

September’s a ways away, but for those of you fortunate enough to be going to PAX this year, the game will be playable alongside Nights HD, Sonic Adventure 2Aliens: Colonial Marines, and a few others at Sega’s booth. Everybody else, you may now return to your happy Snoopy dances, currently in progress.