The Brisbane International Film Festival (A.K.A. BIFF) is under way right now and it closes on august 12.  And I’m severely kicking my ass for not being able to be part of it in some way.


I was very fortunate to be able to attend university in Brisbane, Australia, from 2001 to 2004.  Surely my dreams where crushed and the practical aspects of my chosen career became frustrating and a bit demoralizing, but on the upside I attended and excellent university (QUT) and getting to spend those three years in that beautiful city where worth the pain.


If any of you live in a city where big cultural events take place annually, you’ll understand what I mean by saying that the city changes.  It’s quite indescribable.  This is true of Brisbane around and during its international film festival.  It’s the pace and the ambiance of the city, all in tune with the festival’s activities that make for a very special time. 


During those three years in Brisbane, I was only able to attend one function of the festival (in 2002) due to very long and difficult hours of shooting or editing – or both.  One Hour Photo was part of the program and I just HAD to see it.  Also, Blade 2 had come out.  So my plan for that day was to see Blade 2 early, go to class, then see One Hour Photo at the Regent (one of the festival’s venues and one of the most beautiful film theaters I’ve ever seen).  Unfortunately that day I woke up with a nasty flu and I felt I was about to die.  But I was in festival mode.  So I took a bunch of pills, packed a coat and some more pills, and just went for it. 


I went through at least two boxes of tissues during Blade 2, there was a bit of vomiting and terrible weakness, but at the end of the day I met with some friends and we saw One Hour Photo.  I came out with a big stupid smile on my face.


I arrived home at around 11:30 pm.  Then I passed out for two days.  But it was so worth it!    


Lately people have asked me if I’d like to go back to Brisbane.  The answer is a big fat YES, just so I can truly enjoy events like BIFF or the annual Zombie Walk, but also because in many ways Brisbane felt more like home than my very own birthplace – not that there’s anything wrong with Medellin.  


Medellin is pretty!