dodgeDodgeball was an enjoyable film. It was funny enough, and actually had a couple of really great jokes – I’m partial to ESPN 8 – The Ocho. But does it need a sequel?

Fox thinks so. At least that’s the word from a scooper to Coming Soon!, a guy who goes by the unlikely name of Tacquito. He claims to have met one of the films stars, Justin Long, at some event or other:

Long story Short: We gushed about Dodgeball and he had some good news
for fellow fans – the film was a huge hit at cinemas, and the director
has been contacted by the studio about doing a sequel sometime this
year. Justin said he’s yet to be contacted about it, but he’s heard
third-hand that it’ll be ‘everyone’ back.

A sequel shouldn’t be a huge shock – the 20 million dollar film has made 114 million theatrically in the US. Whether there’s more territory to explore… well, I’ll leave that up to you to debate. As for the stars coming back: unless Old School 2 starts up soon, I think Vince Vaughn will be open.