Prometheus 2 is happening.  As Renn would say, it is closely becoming a “thing”.  It may, however, be happening sans Damon Lindelof.  Fox has confirmed that they are working closely with Sir Ridley on putting the continuing adventures of Shaw and David to celluloid, with Rapace and Fassbender already signed.  Fox is looking at a 2014/2015 release and Lindelof is booked.  Yep, they are having discussions with new writers.  Do I hear cheering and applause?  I wouldn’t celebrate just yet though.  If there is one thing that you can guarantee, it’s that ole Damon will at least be getting story and producer credits on the second half of this nightmarish interstellar tale.  Rumors are circulating that the follow-up will carry the moniker Paradise, but are unfounded thus far. 

Prometheus was a flawed return to both a franchise and a genre for Scott, but I enjoyed it and am interested to see where they take things from here.  If they truly intend on having it hit screens within the next two or three years, that certainly puts the brakes on a few other projects Ridley has going.  While he might be able to squeeze a smaller on in beforehand once he wraps The Counselor, it’s far more likely that this will be his follow-up to the aforementioned crime thriller.

Sequels.  Sequels.  Sequels.

So what else from the Summer of 2012 will get another entry?  Universal is apparently keen on follow-ups to Snow White and the Huntsman, Ted, and American Reunion.  Don’t be surprised if a fifth Bourne film is added to that last this time next month either.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a given for Sony and a Men In Black 4 seems likely at this stage as well.  21 Jump Street is also a lock for a second film, with shooting scheduled for late 2013.  Warner Bros. is mulling a follow-up (both prequel and sequel ideas) for (not so) surprise hit Magic Mike and are also faced with deciding what direction to take Batman in next.  Sequel?  Reboot?  Justice League?  At this point it’s anyone’s guess as to where the Caped Crusader will appear on the silver screen next.

Sequels.  Sequels.  Sequels.

Which ones am I up for?  Definitely another go at 21 Jump Street, which managed to blindside me.  Before MIB3, I’d have told you that I hoped the franchise ended with this year’s installment.  I’m not begging for one, but I also wouldn’t dread it as much as I did this one.  After catching it though, I really wouldn’t mind another adventure in that universe at some point.  Spidey 2.0 has its issues, but can still serve as a solid base for a franchise if they get their act together on scripting duties.  As for The Bat?  Count me in with the lot that wants them to just keep going from where things were left off.  Hell, start preparing it for the JLA crossover or even wait to reintroduce the Dark Knight Detective in the team-up extravaganza.  No sense in starting from scratch when it isn’t even necessary.

Hollywood tried its hand at multiple franchises this year, both old and new.  Battleship sunk.  Dark Shadows was staked while it slept.  John Carter (unfortunately) burned up in re-entry, as did LockoutGhost Rider had its second blowout in five years.  The Hunger Games thrived.  We have quite a few more sequels, reboots, and potential series-starters on the horizon for the second half of the year and I expect things to be just as turbulent.  Who will survive and what will be left of them?  Let’s find out together…

Source | THR, AICN