Hey all, this week was a tad slow on the indie front, though there are a few bundles out there for you to sink your teeth into.

Onto the games!

Ninja Exorcist Episode 1 is a competent and nice animated stealth/action hybrid. While the main crawl before the game (telling the story) was dreadfully long, the story is not, as it’s a tale of vengeance tinged with supernatural horror. The voice acting is a little weak, but the game itself is incredibly fun. Reminds me quite a bit of Shank.

Dead Sea is a game with a great premise, but bad writing and poor detection make hinder the game. The mechanic of dodging the sharks in the water needed a bit more fine-tuning before it should’ve been released. That said, the game’s story is cool: you play a woman, who, after watching her fiancée get torn apart by sharks, finds herself in the water after having their boat knocked over. You must keep her afloat and swimming towards a distant buoy. Simple, scary. Very Open Water.

Shit Taco

Who’s Gonna Get The Girl – Without Poser, this game wouldn’t exist. Badly-designed women that suffer from impossible curves fellate hot dogs, refer to their breasts as “milkshakes” and other embarrassments in this “role playing game” (which is not a role playing game, I assure you).

In addition to the bad graphics, awful dialogue, the illusion of choice and the ugliest female characters in a game I’ve ever seen (along with the worst music I’ve ever heard) make this the Shit Taco.

Indie Darling

Murder For Dinner – Your standard whodunit set in a Victorian mansion in merry ole England. The graphics are abysmal, but I think it adds to the charm and overall character design. Set at a dinner party hosted by an aging gossip, the game introduces a colorful cast of characters, including the player character’s literature professor-turned-sleuth.

The house is massive, explorable, and has plenty of little secrets in its nooks and crannies. The game is first-person, and the dialogue clever. Consider this a lo-fi Clue.

There you go! Enjoy some indies! Check out the podcast I co-host!

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