If you read my announcement about The Drew Reviews Podcast moving to its own site, you may have smelled change on the breeze for ol’ CHUD.com. Or maybe you dwell in the forums, and you’ve known about this for a while now. Whatever the case may be, you’ve at least noticed that this place is a hell of a lot quieter than it used to be. But deep in the sewers, a new project has been incubating: Trouble City. Our gracious host Nick Nunziata quietly gathered a crack team┬áto build a new home for great content and great readers. And today, Trouble City is now open to the public.


Trouble City will feature all the amenities you’re used to.

You want columns? They’ll be there. Ryan Covey’s bringing Doomsday Reels over. Danielle Ryan’s bringing Dark Side Cinema. Hell, even Nick’s List of Dumb is back.

You want podcasts? Danielle Ryan and Andrew Hawkins will be using Trouble City as the new home for Freaky Fandoms. The CHUD Show crew is also working on something new, which will appear on Trouble City.

You want reviews? They’ll be there, of course. And there’s much more to come.

The forums are coming, too.

The community that serves as CHUD’s vital internal organs will have a new home at Trouble City.

Feel free to ask questions, and share the hell out of this.

Any questions about Trouble City or CHUD? Go ahead and sound off in the comment section. But be sure to bookmark <missing URL>, because it’s open and it needs your support to thrive. Share it with your pals, like it on Facebook, and follow it on Twitter.

The train has stopped, the doors are open, and Trouble City awaits. Join us.